The Swansea Uku…

The Swansea Ukulele Club, will be having its first jam night on the 7th Feb @ 7 30 till 10 30 at St James Club in Swansea


Porthcawl Ukulele Club

Well, after nearly 7 months playing uke to myself in my bedroom i have finally hooked up with a ukulele band and WOW what a difference a day makes, i went along to The Porthcawl Ukulele Band night and what a revelation for me, this uke band was awesome really friendly people who made us feel very welcome, then Alan who was leading asked if we had brought our ukes along, my hand was literally shaking as i took my fluke out of its gig bag and within minutes of walking into the pub we were jamming along with the band, in a pub, in front of people, who we didn’t know, with uke players who knew what they were doing, this is a major leap forward for me and i really enjoyed losing where i was chordwise midway through some of the songs, but it didn’t matter because everyone was having a ball, there were people of all ages there from 15 up to their 70’s,  i can’t wait to go again if any of you guys are looking in THANK YOU ALL for a fantastic night

well thats christmas out of the way

onto the new year, stayed down my girlfriends house for christmas and had a great time, plenty of food and drink

i had 2 ukes for christmas, one all the way from North Carolina, place called Mims Ukes gave me a fantastic service, i ordered an eleuke like an electric guitar only it is a ukulele, it came on christmas eve, i was chuffed with that coz i was’nt expecting it until after christmas, it is an eleuke tenor size in solid rosewood,

my son bought me an amplifier, a roland street cube, so know we shall experiment a little to see what we can get out of the eleuke, and the street cube

i also had a luna tattoo pineapple sorano from my girlfriend and that is a real nice little uke, it is a laminate but has a nice mellow smokey sound reminiscent of the 20’s style of ukulele, i have played this one quite a lot over christmas and i think when it opens up a bit it will sound really nice

The swans could only draw against QPR, who were not that good either, disappointing result and 2 points dropped IMHO,

anyway will post pics of the ukes soon and give a full indepth review of all my ukes, thanx for reading


some of my ukes

New Ukulele Club in Swansea South Wales

Hi guys if anyone is interested my m8 and I are starting a new Ukulele club in Swansea South Wales from February 2012, if you are interested we would love to hear from you

Hi and welcome to my blogpage

Hi my name is Richard and welcome to my blog,

the blog will be predominantly about ukuleles and playing the Ukulele,

there will be a few projects blogged like the one I am about to start, it is building my own ukulele banjo,

as the blog is new there won’t be much on here but bear with me and we shall grow together,

thanx for takin the time to read my blogpage